Aromatic Body Massage
60 mins - $32 | 90 mins - $43 | 120 mins - $58
Gentle massage with Feel Good Aroma Oil will pamper
your body with a relaxing sensation that will not  only ease
your tensions but will lull you into an aromatic repose.

Swedish Body Massage
60 mins - $32 | 90 mins - $43 | 120 mins - $58
This massage is designed for maximum therapeutic
results using moderate deep tissue to treat specific
muscle groups, as well as to help release muscle spasms,
tensions and stress.

Hot Stone Aromatic Massage
60 mins - $35 | 90 mins - $45 | 120 mins - $59
A gentle aroma oil massage with warm stones, which helps 
stimulate the nervous system and improve blood 

Khmer Herbal Compress
60 mins - $38 | 90 mins - $50 | 120 mins - $62
A gentle aroma oil massage with warm Khmer herbs,
which helps reduce pain and muscle tensions leading
to overall relaxation of the body.

Head and Back Massage
30 mins - $20 | 60 mins - $32
A massage with special focuses on relaxation of
tensed muscles with aroma oils.


60 mins - $35 | 90 mins - $45
An Egyptian blend of aromatic oils combined with a cream
massage to provide maximum skin hydration.

Traditional Khmer Massage
60 mins - $25 | 90 mins - $35 | 120 mins - $43
This traditional massage provides deep tissue stimulation
effective in relieving tension, promoting circulation in the body.
It is provided without aroma oil.

Body Sea Salt Scrub
45 mins - $30
Restore your skin to its radiant glow with exfoliating sea
salt from Jordan which is applied with aromatic oils.
As the delightful aroma entices your sense, the skin is
gently polished, rendering it silky smooth and nourished.

Sea Mud Body Mask and Wrap
45 mins - $35
Detoxify and re-meneralize your skin with this naturally
hydrating treatment. Abundant amounts of minerals, protein
and vitamin are released for maximum affect.
After warm, micronized sea mud is applied to the body. The 
wrap helps the essence penetrate deep into the 
skin for maximum replenishment and hydration.

Guinot Sugar-Kiwi Body Scrub 45 mins - $30

Aromatic Bath
30 mins - $25
An aroma oil bath is a body soaking process suitable for both
dry and normal skins. The bath helps moisturize the skin leaving it 
rejuvenated and relaxed.


LRB Golden Mask Treatment
60 mins - $120
24K Golden Iron Energy Antiallergic mask helps cell rejuvenation,
stimulates blood circulation, tightens skin pores, soothes the skin
cells and effectively whitens the skin and releases stress.

LRB Diamond Platinum Mask
60 mins - $150
Diamond Platinum Mask is a highly concentrated essence
DHEA Rejuvenation Cream Silk Touch Mask provides
powerful for instant rejuvenation of the skin cells. It stimulates
the youth hormone to keep the skin cells young and refreshed.

Pro Collagen Concentrate Facial Treatment 45 mins - $45

Refreshing Facial Massage
60 mins - $35


Foot Reflexology
30 mins - $15 | 60 mins - $20 | 90 mins - $28
Relieve tension with this ancient form of Khmer Massage which
stimulates the reflex area of your feet and also improves
blood circulation.

Aromatic Khmer Herbal Foot Massage
60 mins - $28 | 90 mins - $35
Relieve tension with this special foot massage which use warm
herbal compress to help relax the foot muscles


Eyebrow - $3

Underarm - $8

Bikini Line - $25

Half Leg - $25

Full Leg - $35
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